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Clark County Board of Elections



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Absentee Voting and Voter Registration Forms

11-A Application for Absent Voter's Ballot
11-B Application form (Hospitalized Voter)
Registration Voter Registration Form
Form Federal Post Card Application
Form Signature Update Authorization Form 

Ballot Questions and Issue Forms

Resolution Form Resolution Requesting Certification from the County Auditor

Resolution Form Resolution to Proceed

Common Campaign Finance Forms

30-A Ohio Campaign Finance Report
30-D Designation of Treasurer
31-A Statement of Contributions Received
31-B Statement of Expenditures
31-C Statement of Loans Received
31-J-l In-Kind Contributions Received

All Campaign Finance Forms

Registration Forms

10-A Ohio Voter Registration Cancellation Form
10-F Attorney-in-Fact Authorization before a Notary Public
10-G Attorney-in-Fact before a Physician
10-H Revocation of Authorization Attorney-in-Fact

All Secretary of State Prescribed Forms






Clark County Board of Elections

Located at:

3130 E. Main St. (formerly E. National Rd.)

Springfield, OH 45505


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1766

Springfield, OH 45501-1766


Telephone: 937-521-2120

Fax: 937-328-2603