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Clark County Board of Elections



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Board Members & Staff



Sue DeVoe Allen, Chairperson

Lynda Smith, Board Member

David Hartley, Board Member

John Pickarski, Board Member



Jason Baker, Director

(937) 521-2126


Amber Lopez, Deputy Director

(937) 521-2125


Sara Campbell, Republican Pollworker Coordinator

(937) 521-2124


Martin Mahoney, Democratic Pollworker Coordinator

(937) 521-2122


Camille Hall, Duplicate Processing

(937) 521-2121


Amanda Vanderhorst, Campaign Finance

(937) 521-2123







Clark County Board of Elections

Located at:

3130 E. Main St. (formerly E. National Rd.)

Springfield, OH 45505


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1766

Springfield, OH 45501-1766


Telephone: 937-521-2120

Fax: 937-328-2603