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This web site has been created as an informational tool for the results of Federal, State, County, City and School District elections held in Miami County, Ohio.

Results contained on this site are "Unofficial" until certified by the Miami County Board of Elections. The results shown are vote totals for elections in Miami County only. Some election districts may overlap into more than one county.

The Miami County Board of Elections makes reasonable efforts to produce and publish the most current election results available. The viewer should understand, however, that the Miami County Board of Elections makes no representation or warranties, either expressed or implied, or as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose regarding the accuracy and/or completeness of the information contained herein.

The web site has been designed for use as a search tool for election results. Download, screen scraping programs or other computer extraction techniques are strictly prohibited. The Miami County Board of Elections reserves the right to deny access to the site to any individual or party determined to be misusing the site.

Results are updated regularly as votes are tallied on election night.

2014 2013

Primary Election - May 6, 2014 Cumulative Results

General Election - November 5, 2013 Cumulative Results
Primary Election - May 6, 2014 Precinct Detail General Election - November 5, 2013 Precinct Detail
  Special Election - May 7, 2013 Cumulative Results

Special Election - May 7, 2013 Precinct Details

General - November 6, 2012 Cumulative Results 2011
Primary Election - March 6, 2012 Special Election - March 1, 2011
  Primary/Special Election - May 3, 2011
  General Election - November 8, 2011
2010 2009
Primary/Special Election - May 4, 2010 Special Election - May 5, 2009
Special Election - August 3, 2010 General Election - November 3, 2009
General Election - November 2, 2010  
2008 2007
Primary/Special Election - March 4, 2008 Primary/Special Election - May 8, 2007
General Election - November 4, 2008 General Election - November 6, 2007
2006 2005
Primary/Special Election - May 2, 2006 General Election - November 8, 2005
General Election - November 7, 2006  
Election night results should not be considered final official results. Election results updates are time stamped. Check the time stamp carefully each time you view the results. If results are not updating, it may be necessary to "Reload or Refresh" the page.
Any on-line server's performance may slow down under a heavy traffic load. Performance of the on-line server is not a reflection as to the status of the tally computer.
DISCLAIMER: The information contained in these pages was valid at the time of publication. The Miami County Board of Elections reserves the right to modify, update, change or make improvements at any time, without notice, and assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies.

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