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House Bill 3 was signed by the Governor on January 31, 2006.

Voters must bring identification to the polls in order to verify identity. Identification may include current and valid photo identification, a military identification, or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, pay check, or other government document that shows voters name and current address. No voter notification from the Board of Elections will be accepted. Voters who do not provide one of these documents will still be able to vote by providing the last four digits of the voterís Social Security number and by casting a provisional ballot. Voters who do not have any of the above forms of identification, including a Social Security number, will still be able to vote by signing an affirmation swearing to the voterís identity under penalty of election falsification and by casting a provisional ballot.

For more information check the Secretary of Stateís web-site. If you have any questions call the Board of Elections Office at (937) 484-1575.

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