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0001 Urbana 1-A

0002 Urbana 1-B

0003 Urbana 2-A

0004 Urbana 2-B

0005 Urbana 3-A

0006 Urbana 3-B

0007 Urbana 4-A

0008 Urbana 4-B

0009 Adams

0010 Concord

0011 Mechanicsburg

0012 Goshen

0013 Harrison

0014 Jackson West

0015 Jackson East

0016 St. Paris

0017 Johnson

0018 Mad River A

0019 Mad River B

0020 North Lewisburg

0021 Rush

0022 Salem North

0023 Salem South

0024 Union North

0025 Union South

0026 Urbana North

0027 Urbana South

0028 Wayne