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Where Do I Vote?

You cast your ballot at the polling place designated to serve the precinct in which you reside. If you are in doubt as to the location of the polling place, call the Champaign County Board of Elections at (937) 484-1575.

How do I vote?

To view instructions on how to cast your ballot using the new optical scan voting system, click on Voting Machine Instructions.

Physically unable to sign your name?

If you are physically unable to sign election – related documents, such as petitions, absentee request form and signature book you may file an Attorney-in-Fact form with the Champaign County Board of Elections that allows a legally competent Ohio resident who is 18 years of age or older as an “attorney in fact” to sign the voters name to the election  related document on the voter’s behalf. You may click on the following types of  Attorney-in Fact forms; Power of Attorney Executed Before a Notary Public and Power of Attorney with Physician Statement Acknowledged before an Election Official.

May a voter receive assistance in voting?

Persons with a physical or mental disability or who are unable to read or write may be assisted by anyone of their own choice, except an employer or his/her agent, a union officer, or a candidate whose name appears on the ballot. The voter may be assisted by two poll officials of opposite political parties. No one who assists a voter may disclose any information about how that person voted.

How do I establish which party’s ballot I am entitled to vote in a Primary?

If you a new voter, you may vote the primary ballot of any political party. Including the current year and the immediate preceding two calendar years if you voted the primary ballot of a political party then to be able to vote a different political party ballot you must change your party affiliation by signing a statement to that effect when you vote.


* You may vote on issues only at a Primary without declaring a Political Party*